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Our Aims

Food Matters Inside & Out aims to improve the food choices of offenders serving custodial or community sentences, through four distinct strands.

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Participatory Healthy Eating Courses and Cooking Workshops
Peer Mentor 'Food Champions'
Staff Training Sessions
Consultancy to Catering and Food Procurement Services

About Us

Food Matters is a national charity. We believe that healthy, sustainable, fair food should be available to everyone.

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We work with disadvantaged groups such a young people leaving care, young parents, people with poor mental health, offenders, the homeless and substance misusers. Our courses and workshops equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to make healthier food choices, helping support their physical and mental health.

We also have a role in campaigning and advocacy. We know that to bring about change for healthier fairer food systems for all requires working at grassroots level as well as maintaining dialogue with policy makers.

Food Matters has worked with offenders in prisons and the community over several years. Our experience has led to the development of the trailblazing project Food Matters Inside and Out.

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Our Work with Offenders

Food Matters Inside and Out takes place in men’s and women’s prisons, and with offenders in the community – serving community sentences, released on licence and through resettlement.

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Within prisons, our vision is to change food systems so that all prisoners can better access healthier food, to support their physical and mental health so aiding rehabilitation. Improving mental and physical health is one of the nine key factors known to reduce reoffending. We work alongside catering and food procurement staff, providing consultancy and training. We work directly with prisoners running healthy eating courses, cookery workshops and training peer supporter ‘Food Champions’.

At national level, we work with government departments and suppliers to help embed the provision of healthier food choices for prisoners within policy.

In the community, we aim to equip those serving community sentences or recently released from prison with food-related life skills to help them to survive and flourish in a life without crime. Our courses and workshops cover essential life skills such as cooking, shopping and even social eating. We can target courses to specific groups such as young offenders, parents or people recovering from substance misuse. We can also train offender managers and volunteers, to help them offer support around making healthier food choices.

Our courses are participatory, inclusive and fun. We use motivational techniques to gently guide participants towards change. We include discussion, problem-solving and reflective learning, and our sessions always involve tasting of healthy snack alternatives.

If you work with offenders in prisons or the community, please contact us to find out more.

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Food Matters is a registered charity, which is dependent on grants and donations to make its work possible. You can make a donation by clicking the button below.

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